2015-04-26  DralagenAdd Screenshots of applications master
2015-04-13  DralagenREADME add link of apk
2015-04-12  Dralagenfixes onionskin when background is not showed
2015-04-12  DralagenCreate README.md
2015-04-12  Dralagenimprove show/hide menu on HD screen
2015-04-11  Dralagenaction menu wrap content and use handler to show and...
2015-04-08  Dralagenfixes relaunch cacheThread and join
2015-04-08  Dralagenreview generate cache algorithm, fixes toggle backgroun...
2015-04-08  DralagenImprove cache use main Thread to write cache
2015-04-08  DralagenImprove cache but not optimal
2015-04-08  Dralagenadd forgotten string resources
2015-04-08  DralagenAdd onion skin with dialog to configure it
2015-04-07  Dralagenadd some doc
2015-04-07  Dralagenoptimize memory usage
2015-04-07  Dralagenuse itent to read the output video
2015-04-07  Dralagenremove hide menu on startup
2015-04-07  Dralagenremove autohide menu after 5 sec
2015-04-07  Dralagenadd numFrameLabel contains the currentPicture and max...
2015-04-07  Dralagenfree memory onDestroy DrawingActivity
2015-04-07  Dralagenpersistable toggle background
2015-04-07  Dralagenfixes toggleBackground when currentFrame is null
2015-04-07  Dralagenfixes out of bounds in cache
2015-04-07  Dralagenadd cache frame video
2015-04-07  Dralagenadd progressDialog when load frame
2015-04-07  Dralagenimprove clear layer
2015-04-07  DralagenImprove fade
2015-04-07  Dralagentoggle background
2015-04-04  Dralagenfixes share, create parent directory
2015-04-04  Dralagenfixes erase picture
2015-04-04  Dralagenchange Logger debug to Logger verbose because verbose...
2015-04-04  Dralagenchange ic_launcher
2015-04-04  Dralagenfixes share file
2015-04-04  Dralagenimprove encoding video and propose share but no have...
2015-04-04  DralagenOutput video respect the output frame rate.
2015-04-04  Dralagensave video on default movies directory
2015-04-04  DralagenDon't show action if impossible use it,
2015-04-04  Dralagenupdate appcompat version, add missing action in Drawing...
2015-04-04  DralagenImprove action button style
2015-04-04  Dralagenupdate build to use android sdk 5.1.1
2015-04-04  Dralagenadd documentation
2015-04-03  Dralagendocument DrawingArea and delete context
2015-04-03  Dralagensome refactoring for easy visibility and respect projec...
2015-03-30  Dralagenupgrade targetSdkVersion to 21
2015-03-30  Dralagenfixes build on gradle
2015-03-30  Dralagenadd animation fading for menu button and navigation...
2015-03-30  Dralagenhide menu when draw
2015-03-30  Dralagenremove useless invalidate cache
2015-03-30  Dralagenadd color picker and reset layer
2015-03-30  Dralagenchange source directory
2015-03-30  DralagenAdd preferences to setup output video FrameRate and...
2015-03-30  Dralagendisable button when action is useless
2015-03-30  Dralagenfixes calcul of frame time, and final condition of...
2015-03-29  Dralagensave drawing when change of layer
2015-03-29  Dralagenfix select good frame on video
2015-03-29  Dralagenadd navigation on video
2015-03-29  Dralagenforce landscape
2015-03-29  Dralagenuse layout for Drawing, print the first picture of...
2015-03-28  Dralagenadd drawing area on new activity
2015-03-23  Dralagenadd action getFilmByFilSystem
2015-03-09  Dralagencreate main activity