descriptionRotoscoping programme for HCI project
ownerDavid and Dralagen
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It's a rotoscoping application developed for Android. The apk is available on

We can find the same application developed for Linux here


Start Screen

The first screen when launch the application


Settings Screen

Settings input frame rate and output frame rate

inputframerate outputframerate

Drawing Video Screen

The main Screen with and without background with onion skin.

screenshot3 screenshot

Normally this activity is in full screen but not passed on screenshots

2015-04-26  DralagenAdd Screenshots of applications master
2015-04-13  DralagenREADME add link of apk
2015-04-12  Dralagenfixes onionskin when background is not showed
2015-04-12  DralagenCreate
2015-04-12  Dralagenimprove show/hide menu on HD screen
2015-04-11  Dralagenaction menu wrap content and use handler to show and...
2015-04-08  Dralagenfixes relaunch cacheThread and join
2015-04-08  Dralagenreview generate cache algorithm, fixes toggle backgroun...
2015-04-08  DralagenImprove cache use main Thread to write cache
2015-04-08  DralagenImprove cache but not optimal
2015-04-08  Dralagenadd forgotten string resources
2015-04-08  DralagenAdd onion skin with dialog to configure it
2015-04-07  Dralagenadd some doc
2015-04-07  Dralagenoptimize memory usage
2015-04-07  Dralagenuse itent to read the output video
2015-04-07  Dralagenremove hide menu on startup
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