2015-04-26  DralagenAdd Screenshots of applications develop master
2015-04-12  DralagenUpdate README.md
2015-04-12  DralagenUpdate README.md
2015-03-02  Dralagenupdate cursor when export to film or pictures 1.0.1
2015-03-02  Dralagenfix message info when export film
2015-03-02  Dralagendelete unsused CXXFLAFGS and remove force release config 1.0.0
2015-03-02  Dralagenfix value of change calque when inputCurrentPicture...
2015-03-02  DralagenMerge branch 'master' into develop
2015-03-02  Dralagenchange cursor, now we see the size of cursor
2015-03-02  Dralagenpress ESC for stop video
2015-02-28  Dralagenadd label fps in new project frame
2015-02-28  Dralagenremove new Frame and rename button background to show...
2015-02-28  Dralagendisabled action undo when action is useless
2015-02-28  Dralagenfixes undo and remove unsued function getLastCalque
2015-02-28  Dralagenremove warning
2015-02-28  DralagenImprove resize and refactoring
2015-02-27  Dralagenadd freq of calque to draw
2015-02-27  Dralagenadd GBstyle.qss in make install files
2015-02-27  Dralagenfix icons path
2015-02-27  DralagenRemove duplicate color in buttons history color
2015-02-27  DralagenImprove setColorButton with no change color if canceled and
2015-02-27  Dralagenadd export to film
2015-02-27  DralagenImprove export to pictures,
2015-02-26  Dralagenadd filter when open movie,
2015-02-26  Dralagenadd opacity when draw older calque
2015-02-26  Dralagenimprove drawing calques
2015-02-25  Dralagenadd rule install for copy all icons
2015-02-25  Dralagenupdate icon of erase tool
2015-02-25  Dralagenupdate width and height of windows (min and normal)
2015-02-25  obloodo adding more sexy icons
2015-02-25  obloodolast calque to draw working
2015-02-25  obloodoavoiding to have last calque drawed during the play...
2015-02-25  obloodoMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/dralagen...
2015-02-25  obloodoupdating last calque to draw, working with previous...
2015-02-25  Dralagenimprove paint Event
2015-02-25  Dralagendisable action if impossible
2015-02-25  obloodoMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/dralagen...
2015-02-25  obloodocommit with update of last calque to draw
2015-02-25  Dralagenplay calque
2015-02-24  obloododebug of calque, now working
2015-02-23  obloodoMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/dralagen...
2015-02-23  obloodoadding of a qss file for groupBox style
2015-02-23  Dralagenadd erase tool
2015-02-23  obloodonavigation working, adding empty options and rename...
2015-02-23  Dralagenuse /tmp/rotoscope for storage extracted picture
2015-02-23  obloodosaving last status of a calque before new frame, debug...
2015-02-23  obloodo movie extraction complete, new frame ok, background...
2015-02-23  obloodoproject creation ok (adding a movie and extraction...
2015-02-23  obloodotoolSize ok,historic colors ok,pen color ok
2015-02-11  obloodo toolsize working
2015-02-11  obloodoadding difference between calque and background images...
2015-02-11  obloodoupgrading drawing mode that now draw line between two...
2015-02-10  obloodo adding posibility to draw in the main screen
2015-02-09  DralagenAdd New Poject dialog
2015-02-09  obloodoadding of the menus
2015-02-09  Dralagenadd gitignore
2015-02-09  Dralagenfirst preview of application
2015-02-04  obloodofirst commit