2016-01-04  boukilhamzaupdate createMarket develop master
2016-01-01  franck2add implementations and clean create market code
2015-12-30  franck2Merge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/RaceToInte...
2015-12-30  franck2change decision url link
2015-12-30  boukilhamzaRemove createProduct for fusion with createMarket
2015-12-30  franck2change message interface
2015-12-29  franck2remove comments
2015-12-28  franck2add signup implementation
2015-12-28  franck2remove teamChoice page for fusion with signup
2015-12-27  franck2add a begining og impl for choose a team
2015-12-27  franck2remove useless controller file
2015-12-27  franck2add implementation for auth
2015-12-21  boukilhamzaFusion MarketProduct
2015-12-17  DralagenUglify and concat app
2015-12-17  franck2add link in side nvigation (admin)
2015-12-10  boukilhamzaMerge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/RaceToInte...
2015-12-03  TheCreatorFr[CLEANING] Deleting double team page and useless tests
2015-11-26  boukilhamzaCreate market
2015-11-13  boukilhamzaCreate Product
2015-11-13  franck2add partial and controller of team choice
2015-11-13  franck2Merge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/RaceToInte...
2015-11-13  franck2interface message ok
2015-11-12  TheCreatorFr[HOME] Starting to implement api access from angular...
2015-11-12  TheCreatorFrMerge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/RaceToInte...
2015-11-12  TheCreatorFr[OPTIMIZE] Fix jshint warnings
2015-11-12  boukilhamzacreate products
2015-11-12  boukilhamzaRevert "change build travis"
2015-11-12  Dralagenchange build travis
2015-11-12  Dralagenfixes heroku build fixHerokuBuild
2015-11-11  franck2creation of messages partial + controller and creation...
2015-11-11  franck2interface market is ok
2015-11-11  franck2Merge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/RaceToInte...
2015-11-11  franck2add interface market
2015-11-11  Dralagenfixes heroku build to move dev dependencies to prod...
2015-11-10  Dralagenfixes bower dependence on package.json
2015-11-10  Dralagenfixes test but todo impl
2015-11-10  franck2correction of interface results
2015-11-10  franck2Merge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/RaceToInte...
2015-11-10  franck2interface results is OK
2015-11-10  Dralagenadd slack notification for travis
2015-11-10  TheCreatorFr[TEAM] decision page html finished
2015-11-10  franck2add results html and js
2015-11-10  franck2interface signup is OK
2015-11-09  TheCreatorFr[TEAM] Create decision page for teams
2015-11-08  Adrien GarandelMerge pull request #1 from RaceToInternationalBusiness...
2015-11-08  Adrien GarandelUpdate .travis.yml
2015-11-08  TheCreatorFr[TEAM] Create team choice page
2015-11-05  TheCreatorFr[MERGE] Cleaning css again
2015-11-05  TheCreatorFr[HOME] Created home page and cleaning css
2015-11-05  franck2creation of signup interface and controller
2015-11-05  franck2Merge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/RaceToInte...
2015-11-05  franck2first version of dashboard interface is OK
2015-11-05  TheCreatorFr[META] removing bower_components and changing gitignore
2015-11-05  franck2Merge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/RaceToInte...
2015-11-05  franck2correction of css file
2015-11-04  TheCreatorFr[ADMIN] Create session page finished
2015-11-04  TheCreatorFr[ADMIN] Create session page
2015-11-03  franck2create dashboard controller + begin dashboard interface
2015-10-28  franck2initialisation of project
2015-10-28  franck2initialisation with readme