2014-12-08  DralagenRelease to version 1.0 master 1.0
2014-12-08  Dralagenremove obsolete model
2014-12-08  DralagenAdd some assert in test
2014-12-07  Dralagenremove deleteText in DeleteCommand
2014-12-07  DralagenImprove command macro to use invoker for execute command
2014-12-07  DralagenImplement Macro.undo
2014-12-07  DralagenImprove selection : verify cursor when execute command...
2014-12-07  Dralagenimprove test for add precondition assert
2014-12-06  TheCreatorStarting to implement Macro and adding 'thecreator...
2014-12-04  Dralagenfixes test
2014-12-04  DralagenAdd test of Copy command
2014-12-04  DralagenAdd test of Cut command
2014-12-04  DralagenAdd test of Paste command
2014-12-04  Dralagenupdate error message in JUnit
2014-12-04  DralagenAdd test of delete command
2014-12-04  Dralagenrefactor package for WriteTest
2014-12-04  Dralagenremove maven eclipse plugin
2014-12-03  Dralagenupdate the validate .travis.yml for accept build failures
2014-12-03  DralagenAdd travis information in README and How to Compile...
2014-12-03  Dralagenremove oraclejdk6 in travis
2014-12-03  Dralagenadd travis-ci
2014-12-02  DralagenAdd test for command write
2014-12-01  Dralagenfixes inf bound for selection cursor
2014-12-01  Dralagenfixes selection : auto-correct when out of bound selection
2014-12-01  Dralagenfix Invoker.undo update clipboard
2014-12-01  DralagenAdd command Paste with undo
2014-12-01  Dralagenadd Cut command
2014-12-01  DralagenRéfactoring Selection on Stategy pattern
2014-12-01  Dralagenadd undo delete for selectionUnique
2014-12-01  DralagenImplement undo action for write and delete for Selectio...
2014-11-30  Dralagenadd delete command
2014-11-30  DralagenRefactoring Command to use sub-package
2014-11-30  TheCreatorWrite command working
2014-11-24  TheCreatorsome code
2014-11-24  Dralagenadd test Selection
2014-11-24  Dralagenadd archi of command
2014-11-24  Dralagenconvert UML to scala class
2014-11-17  Dralagenadd additional information in pom
2014-11-17  TheCreatoradd model diagram
2014-11-10  Dralagenadd maven skeleton
2014-11-10  TheCreatorInitial commit