descriptionConsole based text editor written in Scala
ownerDralagen and TheCreator
last changeMon, 8 Dec 2014 12:40:24 +0000 (13:40 +0100)

aid-it-or Build Status

Console based text editor written in Scala

How to compile

Just compile the project with maven and execute the jar for execute command in

mvn install java -jar target/aid-it-or-1.0.jar

2014-12-08  DralagenRelease to version 1.0 master 1.0
2014-12-08  Dralagenremove obsolete model
2014-12-08  DralagenAdd some assert in test
2014-12-07  Dralagenremove deleteText in DeleteCommand
2014-12-07  DralagenImprove command macro to use invoker for execute command
2014-12-07  DralagenImplement Macro.undo
2014-12-07  DralagenImprove selection : verify cursor when execute command...
2014-12-07  Dralagenimprove test for add precondition assert
2014-12-06  TheCreatorStarting to implement Macro and adding 'thecreator...
2014-12-04  Dralagenfixes test
2014-12-04  DralagenAdd test of Copy command
2014-12-04  DralagenAdd test of Cut command
2014-12-04  DralagenAdd test of Paste command
2014-12-04  Dralagenupdate error message in JUnit
2014-12-04  DralagenAdd test of delete command
2014-12-04  Dralagenrefactor package for WriteTest
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4 years ago master