descriptionDistributed forum client/server
last changeMon, 19 Oct 2015 11:04:19 +0000 (13:04 +0200)


A distributed forum write in Java for middleware course in M2 ALMA Nantes

2015-10-19  DralagenReformat all project master
2015-10-16  Dralagenimprove error message
2015-10-16  Dralagenserver can use a custom port
2015-10-13  perraidmodifying one error message in subject delete
2015-10-13  perraidadding error dialog on subject deletion
2015-10-13  Dralagenfixes create subject
2015-10-13  davidPMerge pull request #5 from dralagen/master
2015-10-13  Dralagenview menu can reconnect when server restart
2015-10-13  Dralagenremove subject when there are any listening customer
2015-10-13  Dralagenadd listenner when add subject
2015-10-13  Dralagenreformat code and add method server to delete a subject
2015-10-13  Dralagenclose ViewForum don't close all application but just...
2015-10-08  Dralagendon't close select topic windows
2015-10-05  davidPMerge pull request #4 from dralagen/multiServer
2015-10-04  Dralagenfixes JTextField on inputServer dialog
2015-10-04  Dralagenadd dialog to enter server name
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